On Road View of Porsche Panamera Diesel

Before talking about efficient fuel consumption cars we have to consider that there are many types of car users and lovers. Some of them are curious about new and unique cars, designs or company despite their price or performance, but some are more careful about cars fuel efficiency and economic consumption. Normally households fall into the second category, means they are more interested in cars those have a capability of giving more mileage on relatively less fuel consumption. Our sole purpose is to guide and direct these people to the available stock of different company cars with the great capacity for energy saving. We presented most economical fuel consuming cars with their specifications and features, and the final decision lies with you.
Volkswagen Golf GTD:

Efficient Fuel Consumption Cars Volkswagen-Golf-GTD
Volkswagen Golf GTD in Silver Color Looking Gorgeous

How It Looks From Inner Side?

Front Seat View of Volkswagen Golf GTD

With surprisingly low CO2 emissions of 109g per kilometer Volkswagen Golf GTD is the most up-to-date diesel engine car of Golf line. It has the best mileage of 67.1 miles per gallon fuel efficiency, manual gearbox and 182 bhp,  and stands first among most efficient fuel consumption cars. Its petrol engine version is also remarkably economical as well. Petrol Volkswagen Golf GTD claims an average of 47.1 miles per gallon with 139.2g per kilometer CO2 emissions. Its original name decided by the company is Golf Hatchback 2.0 TDI GTD 3d. Now available at the price of £25,240. With 144mph high speed, the car has the power to get 62 miles per hour speed from 0 in just 7.3 seconds.
Peugeot 208 GTi:

Peugeot 208 GTi View from Back to Front

Beauty of Interior Design

Interior Look of Peugeot 208 GTi

Peugeot 208 GTi is not included in this category due to its exterior look of space, but due to contented and comfy ride, and beautiful interior. It may not impress buyers from its exterior at first sight. But as far as fuel efficiency and performance is a concern, Peugeot 208 GTi has a right to be included here. The car is capable of 62mph speed in 6.5 seconds only. In other features being one of the most efficient fuel consumption cars, 47.2 miles per gallon fuel efficiency has been claimed by the producer with 139.3g per kilometer emission of CO2. The petrol engine can give the power output of 198bhp. Its new market price is £18,895.
Porsche Panamera Diesel:

On Road View of Porsche Panamera Diesel

Inner View with Beauty and Comfy

One of the Best Economical and Gorgeous Car Porsche Panamera Diesel

Unlike other models of Panamera, Porsche Panamera diesel is slow in speed but still have a lot of capabilities and uniqueness in itself. From over point of view its claim of 44 miles per gallon fuel efficiency has a worth to include it in this list of most efficient fuel consumption cars. Its emission of CO2 is relatively high at 165g per kilometer that may not be acceptable for climate lovers. With power generation at 245bhp, Porsche Panamera diesel can get 60mph speed in just 6.5 seconds. Exact Car Model is 2013 3.0 V6 Diesel S and is available at a price of £63,265 in the car market and company stores.
SEAT Leon SC 2.0 TDI FR:

Efficient Fuel Consumption Cars SEAT-Leon-SC-2.0-TDI-FR
Colorful Car SEAT Leon SC 2.0 TDI FR

Colorful Dashboard View with Complete Features

Beauty of Inner side of SEAT Leon SC 2.0 TDI FR

Manual gearbox doesn’t mean the more time consumed for driving or not comfy driving, this is now confirmed and attested by the SEAT Leon SC 2.0 TDI FR. From its surface, it may not look like other high speed or fuel efficient cars but SEAT FR proves by its performance that its nomination for this list as one of the most economical fuel consuming cars. Its diesel engine has the power of 185bhp and can get 62 miles per hour speed for neutral in 7.1 seconds. The company claims that car is capable to give 66 miles per gallon fuel average in very low CO2 emissions. You can get it by paying a price of £22,260.

Efficient Fuel Consumption Cars Last One

Lotus Elise CR:

Efficient Fuel Consumption Cars Lotus-Elise-CR
Lotus Elise CR Front View

Seating Style and Design

Lotus-Elise CR-Seating
Best Economical and Sports Car Lotus Elise CR

134bph is relatively low power for Lotus Elise CR to be included in this list of most efficient fuel consumption cars. But its financially viable run and awe-inspiring drives are sufficient evidence and capabilities to be called a high performing and fuel efficient car. 46 miles per gallon is its fuel consumption claims by the company; hence CO2 emission is 148g per kilometer. Its petrol engine enables it to jump to 62 miles per hour speed in just 6.1 seconds. £28,120 is its new selling price. Above mentioned are the top 5 most fuel efficient fuel consumption cars those are nominated on the basis of their performance towards fuel and environment.