Unique and wide Interior Design and Space

The largest segment in car buyers is households that purchase cars for family traveling and search for best economical family minivan. Car manufactures realize this fact and tries ever to produce vehicles that fulfill needs of these domestic car customers. The first choice of households is fuel economical car and secondly they want more space to serve the needs of whole family and also used for luggage handling. Now the fact is that the car having best economical fuel efficiency and more space for cargo as well as for passengers will be the first choice of masses. From these two points of view, we have analyzed fuel efficiency vs. space minivans and SUVs family cars models to check out which one is best. It’s not mean that these are best economical family cars or best cargo space cars but these are best in combination of these both.

Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey 2015 The Best Economical Family Car

Before we get a clear picture of features of best economical family minivan Honda Odyssey, it would be better to share a summary of its review, scoreboard, pros and cons first.
Outstanding treatment for a van
High-quality fuel saving
Extremely muscular interior
Compatibility for Pandora
Power-sliding back doors
Crash warning system
Lane leaving caution system
Satellite radio,
Direction-finding and a wide display-screen back-seat amusement system
Yes this best economical family minivan has some disadvantages also.

Second row back seats are intense, heavy and should be detached to take full advantage of cargo space
Lofty base value for the class

Unique and wide Interior Design and Space
Comfortable Seating of Honda Odyssey 2015

Features of Economical Family Minivan

Critics’ Rating    9.3
Safety 9.7

Honda Odyssey is being produced from 2007 and in 2016 its new model is being unveiled but with no major changes in design and features. Like all other cars this economical mileage car gone through several types of test, EPA and test drives and based of these data given in reviews about consistency, contented travel, significant quickness, distinguish feature and security matters we rate it first among its other competitors. Reports shows that its 6 gears with V6 engine gives very good drive with in city and outside and they conclude that it is best among this family car class. EPA reports shows that this economical mileage car gives 28 miles per gallon fuel efficiency in inter-a-city traveling and gives 19 miles per gallon fuel average in intercity traveling.

Seating Capacity of Honda Odyssey 2015
Black Seating of Honda Odyssey 2016

Automobiles correspondents note down that 2016 model of Honda Odyssey has incomparable inner assemble superiority creates and shows it’s noticeable with loving and distinguish appearance like integrated vacuum, easy installed front seats, multiple usage camera, audio system with 7 speakers, a port for USB, messaging system (hands free), front screen with large display of 8 inch, fitted cooler and front-back sensors for parking. It is also observed that this economical mileage car has also best and wide shipment space among other vehicles of its class. The question of comfy and relax is answered as “it has very relaxed and calm seats from start to end even in third row seats”. Hence one can increase its cargo space by removing its central seat and this is also a desired feature by households.
Overall Honda Odyssey gives very good and impressive fuel economy than its all other competitors with all necessary and luxury features that a family car could have. Now it is become the first choice of families and household to buy and enjoy.  That’s why it is rated first among best economical family cars and minivans.