Chevrolet Spark Most Fuel Efficient Cars

There are five most fuel-efficient cars in the world. we ranked them according to their fuel consumption per gallon and engine capacity, which are given below:
1. Chevrolet Spark EV
2. Toyota Prius
3. Honda Civic Hybrid
4. Honda City
5. Porsche Cayenne

1st in list of Most Fuel Efficient Cars Chevrolet Spark EV:

Chevrolet Spark EV is one of the best cars which is the most fuel-efficient car in the overall world. Its fuel consumption is mind blowing up to 48 Kilometres per gallon. Now its new model has launched with 1.21 engine which is offering 85 horsepower. There are three reasons for its popularity in overall the world those are given below:

i. Best Mileage ii. Small suitable size iii. Smooth designs Therefore this car has some important features of: i. Speed automatic transmission system ii. Antilock Brakes iii. Automatic air conditioning iv. Engine start/stop button v. Remote trunk opener vi. Adjustable seat vii. CD/DVD player.

Chevrolet Spark Most Fuel Efficient Cars

Chevrolet Spark EV car performs well in 2018 as a city car. It has also that type of technology which is really needed by user nowadays. However, there is no match of such a best mileage range car but there are also some factors like its highway performance is not too much good and its tiny cabin is the cause of its lower-tier ranking.Awesome content goes here.That’s why Chevrolet Spark EV is also called a city car because it is not for fast-moving traffic.
Chevrolet Spark EV price in Pakistan is $ 32,490/-.

2nd in list of Most Fuel Efficient Cars Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is a completely hybrid electric automobile car. It is developed and manufactured by Toyota company since 1997. Toyota Prius is the luxury car and it is also fuel efficient. It is a stylish shiny and comfortable car. This car has 1.8 L engine with 134 horsepower. Fuel consumption of this car is up to 26 kilometres per gallon. This car has an ability to go up to 60mph Round about 9.8 seconds. Its mileage and amazing interior make it one of the best cars in Pakistan, its price of 2018 is $ 33,300/-.

Toyota Prius most fuel efficient car

Some of the following important features of the Toyota Prius are as under:
i. Comfortable and convenience interior
ii. Best Mileage
iii. Automatic High Beams
iv. Pre Collision System with Pedestrian Detection
v. FullSpeed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control
vi. Lane departure alert
vii. Integrated Backup Camera
viii. Dramatic Styling
ix. 17-in. alloy wheels
x. Moonroof
xi. Body rigidity
xii. Touring-tuned Suspension
xiii. Qi-compatible wireless charging
xiv. Smart flow Climate control
xv. CO2emission saved

3rd in list of Most Fuel Efficient Cars Honda Civic Hybrid:

Honda civic is a subcompact car which is most popular in Pakistan and overall the world.

There have been some issues and complains regarding its fuel consumption but these issues are resolved by the launch of Honda Civic Hybrid. Now its average fuel consumption is 21.7kilometres per gallon
. What is the main difference between a hybrid and the typical car? The answer to this question is that there is a lot of sophisticated electrical technology in a hybrid. Its means in the hybrid car have a transparent view of the driver and the passenger. The latest generation of Honda Civic introduced the new design which makes it unique from others. Price of Honda civic 2018 is $ 26,800.

Honda Civic Hybrid fuel efficient car
Honda Civic hybrid

There are some features of the Honda civic which makes it unique some of them are as follows:
i. A lot of Sophisticated electrical technology
ii. Hill start assist
iii. Ventilated Disc Brakes (Front)
iv. Drum Brakes (Rear)
v. Drive Type (Front wheel)

4th in list of Most Fuel Efficient Cars Honda City:

Honda city is also the expensive cars which are offered in the overall world but it is also fuel efficient. Fuel consumption of Honda city on highways 18 kilometers per gallon and 12 to 16 kilometers per gallon within the city. Honda City is having 1.31 engine and this car has an ability to go up to 60mph in 10 seconds. Honda city model 2018 interior offers a good level of comfort for driver and passengers. The exterior of this car is also amazing. New Honda City 2018 brings aggressive model design language as compared to the previous city. This car is also known for its grace and unique style. Its price of 2018 is $ 21,590.

Honda City most fuel efficient car

There is following features of Honda City:
i. Multi-Function steering wheel
ii. Automatic climate control
iii. Anti-lock Braking system
iv. Alloy wheels
v. Engine Start up button.
vi. Fuel reminder control system
vii. Dual SRS Airbags for Driver & Front Passenger.

5th in list of Most Fuel Efficient Cars Porsche Cayenne:

Porsche Cayenne is produced by the German manufacturer since 2002. It is the normal size of luxurious cars. Its engines have featured direct injection technology. Its fuel consumption is 13.2 kilometers per gallon. Porsche Cayenne was introduced with mix anticipation, but after some time it proves that it is a performance vehicle in SUVs.

There have been some issues and complains regarding its fuel consumption but these issues are resolved by the launch of Honda Civic Hybrid. Now its average fuel consumption is 21.7kilometres per gallon
. With this innovation now the rigidity of Porsche cayenne is 20 percent more than before and also its weight is low which helps to improve acceleration and efficiency. New cayenne size is also increased 63mm then older cayenne. Its price is 124600 $.

Porsche Cayenne fuel economy car
Porsche Cayenne

The latest features of new cayenne are given below that the older cayenne didn’t have:
i. Adaptive radiator flaps
ii. Adaptive roof spoiler
iii. Better down force
iv. Rim protection system

Comparison chart of Most Fuel Efficient Cars

Cars Fuel Consumption Price (Dollars) Key Feature
Chevrolet Spark EV 48 m per gallon $ 32,490 Speed automatic transmission system

Anti-lock Brakes

Toyota Prius 26 km per gallon $ 33,300 Comfortable and convenience interior

Dramatic Styling

Honda Civic Hybrid 21.7 km per gallon $ 26,800 Lot of Sophisticated electrical technology

Ventilated Disc Brakes (Front)

Honda City 16 km per gallon $ 21,590 Anti-lock Braking system

Multi-Function steering wheel

Porsche Cayenne 13.2 km per gallon $ 124,600 Adaptive radiator flaps

Better down force