10th Position Good Fule Economy Car Hyundai Tucson 2016 front view

SUV vehicles are used to transport cargo and passengers, but you do not have to sacrifice fuel economy to get where you want. Just compare these top 10 most fuel efficient SUVs and select the one that suitable for you. There are also many hybrids and SUVs with diesel, petrol engines and gas sippers and SUV. Test the fuel economy of Consumer Reports’ move conditions. Flow meters per gallon fuel economy concluded that the result (MPG) is used by a mile.

10  Hyundai Tuscon Eco 2016

10th Position Good Fule Economy Car Hyundai Tucson 2016 front view
10th Position Good Fule Economy Car Hyundai Tucson 2016 Interior view

Hyundai knows her round lightweight aluminum and has made a name for itself by offering cars with mileage incredible value. That’s why Tuscon Eco has been listed among the most fuel efficient SUVs. 

However, by reducing fuel consumption, manages 175 hours four cylinder Turbocharged engines.

Therefore, Tucson gets 27 miles per gallon as all-wheel drive, front-wheel drive version of the Eco Premium version. Although the efficiency of cargo under the seats, turning the mirror, to 61.9 cubic feet of fog lights, LED daytime running lights and a ten-year, 100,000-mile powertrain warranty as to come with expensive, less efficient options. With EPA examined average of 30 mpg, Hyundai Tuscon Eco is included among the best economical SUVs.

9  Chevrolet Trax 2016

9th Number Fuel Efficient Car Chevrolet Trax 2016 front view


9th Number Fuel Efficient Car Chevrolet Trax 2016 inner view

Budget-minded buyers affordable 2016 Chevrolet Trax, good fuel economy, an interior room will love the space and feature-rich. It is also included in the list of most fuel efficient SUVs. Although there is little Chevy Equinox compact SUV Chevrolet Trax in 2016, now has a lot to offer. Trax are a little may be outside, but inside is surprisingly accommodating.

The Trax is also easy to park and maneuver to seek the maximum fuel economy in city design that appeals to them.
 Although Honda HR-V and Mazda CX-as 3, Trax is a process of the off-road ability of the vehicle presented as defectors, can be equipped with all-wheel drive. The Wi-Fi 4G LTE to standard cooling features, attractive to young buyers are built-in features of in this one of the best economical SUVs. And, because many Americans are still concerned about small cars, the Chevy Trax 10 pillows each to safety and NHTSA 5-star rating overall. Trax size, the more children a family set out you can get a little back seat, Trax. Mazda CX-3 provides an excellent driver’s car; Honda HR-V offers more features and a better transmission of the Kia warranty. 2016 Chevrolet Trax in any significant changes.

8  Nissan JUKE 2016

8th Position Fuel economical car nissan juke 2016 full front view
8th Position Fuel economical car nissan juke 2016 Interior

If you want energy, a small SUV with the wild look, and even students can afford, select Nissan JUKE 2016 from the list of most fuel efficient SUVs. Access to all-wheel drive (AWD) is driving across the advantage line according to a manual transmission purist. After five years left before, Nissan Juke is the first time – sub-compact sporty style and ambition, and stood SUV real, a large SUV, Crossover Sea. Currently part of a subcompact crossover SUV per month with the arrival of the new Mazda 3, Honda HR-V, Chevrolet Trax, a Fiat 500X, and defectors. But to his credit, Juke more attackers elsewhere.

I would also like love or hate, and transportation of a simple device such small crossover SUV Nissan’s something about using the transport of goods and passengers.
 Juke one of the best economical SUVs, for about $ 21,000 in 2016, offers plenty of fun and still make money, the situation is Souped 215 horses. Apple’s Siri is now compatible with normal eyes open, and two new “better color studio edition” models join the line of more than one color.

7  Mazda CX-5 2016

7th Number Fuel efficient car Mazda CX-5 2016 black image
7th Number Fuel efficient car Mazda CX-5 2016 black inner image

Although most fuel efficient SUVs has this feature but do not be fooled. Under the bonnet 4-cylinder, 155 horsepower that every bit a match on a compact light.
When the engine work to get there from here without much emotion, which is characterized Inc trucks have anything to do with lifting weights. Fortunately, the CX-5 full control of the steering wheel-mounted, hands-free Bluetooth streaming audio, radio and HD, Pandora internet radio and navigation systems, buttons, and three outputs start. To the spacious back to 65.4 cubic feet of cargo space with the seats that are fully discharged. With 30.49 miles per gallon (mpg) Mazda CX-5 is one of the best economical SUVs.

6  BMW X3 2016

6th Position Fuel Efficient Car BMW X3 2016 images
6th Position Fuel Efficient Car BMW X3 2016 interior

BMW increases working of Bluetooth functions in its new model of X3 2016 by proposing double networks and assimilating Mobile Office, that will multiplies the usage of mail, text messages, dates and calendar checking through Connection of BMW drive. These features makes possible for it to be enlisted among the most fuel efficient SUVs. 

Due the meaning of the word utility, some people use Sport Activity Vehicle (SUV) for it as it more than helping someone.

Likewise the interior of this car made by leather, programmed front temperature regulator with isolated both sides (left and right) heat control locations, back car parking space control and alarming instruments, rear vision HD camera and radio, a gorgeous moon roof with other perks as we can presume to be given by BMW are built-in in one of the new best economical SUVs X3 BMW. However, by considering the other cars of this category those are also close opponents of BMW, one would be astonished that X3 is the merely diesel car that give the best mileage.

Top 5 Best Fuel Efficient SUVs

5  Lexus RX 2016

5th number Better Fuel economy car Lexus RX 2016 exterior
5th number Better Fuel economy car Lexus RX 2016 Interior

The fourth generation of Lexus RX released in this year and shows best features along with competitive fuel mileage. It includes fresh outer design refurbished interior, touch free lift gate setup and a knock in power over its precursor. The Lexus RX has grown up slightly but deals with more services that includes in among most fuel efficient SUVs of the year. This model has too fixed the high average for cool interior operations, dependability and re-sale price. From its birth in 1990s, (when it was only RX and later become Lexus RX) within couple of decades it sets a standard and been benchmarked by its competitors like Lincoln MKX, Acura MDX etc. Sport alternatives are high-pitched driving diminuendos, but the Lexus RX’s finest characters continue its unobtrusive, calm etiquettes. So if you want to buy a sport utility car from the list of best economical SUVs with the space of five commuters, Lexus RX (most probably) will be your best choice.

4  Volvo V60 2016

With opening price of 35,950$ and collective average of (highway and city) 31 miles per gallon (mpg), Volvo V60 stands at 3rd among the most fuel efficient SUVs.

4th Position Fuel Efficient Car Volvo V60 2016 exterior
4th Position Fuel Efficient Car Volvo V60 2016 images

Beautiful styling one of the most fuel efficient SUVs V60 is probably the first catches the eye, but not only remarkable feature. 2.0-liter engine Volvo’s Drive-E T5 base model more power and city driving and highway Turbocharged delivered impressive first wheel-drive system combined EPA rating of 29 MPG. T6 AWD R- roils sporty design cars more than 300 hours (or even 345 HP particular order given to countries with limited access Polestar Edition). Sport stand-alone package for T5 base increased to cope with the task. Volvo has very good security features; there is a very compelling argument for the return of his brilliant and attractive station wagon in the front seats.

Like other shopping, it is an excellent one, you need just to check, BMW 3 Series and main home. It’s roomier are a quality ride and a chance for the efficient diesel engine than other best mileage SUVs.
 But it is usually more expensive and can not be the motor to make the V60 produces high tones better. One does not suit you, and you can consider the Volvo XC70, which is larger and more rugged than a V60, the Audi Allroad or other off-road Kaapelitalo. Overall, though, the Volvo V60 were now still been less comfortable than other best economical SUVs crossover appropriate for each family.

3  Honda HR-V 2016

3rd Position Fuel Efficient Car Honda HR V-2016 images
3rd Position Fuel Efficient Car Honda HR V-2016 inner images

Available in both automatic and manual gearbox, Honda HR-V gives economy mileage of 35 miles per gallon with its 4 cylinder engine and stands at third among most fuel efficient SUVs of the year. So, if you are looking for a midsized Honda vehicle between CR-V and Fit, then Honda HR-V would be your best choice. As compared to its price i.e. 20,000$, buyers will get finest features and interior. Honda HR-V offers very good submissions for its customers like 7 inch touchscreen, amusement and communications focal point, LED brake lights, multi viewpoint back camera and other choices together with a power head roof, excited seats and programmed environment regulator. Along with these operations, it is fuel usage that includes Honda HR-V in the most economical SUVs.

2  Toyota RAV4 2016

2nd Number best economical car Toyota RAV4 2016 images
2nd Number best economical car Toyota RAV4 2016 Interior View

Normally solid size, lustrous styling, roomy interior and merited reputations are considered important for a vehicle for its sale and even for its resale value. Fortunately Toyota RAV4 has all this in its new model of 2016 that makes it one of the most fuel efficient SUVs. Features of other luxury cars like Honda CRV, Ford Escape have their unique identity but Toyota RAV4 offers hybrid engine that could not be find in those vehicles. The Toyota RAV4 2016 comes out with lovely and excellent new offered functions, together with the 360 degree parking method, revitalized fashioning as well as an energetic new SE trim compendium. Yes one can admit that Mazda CX5 has very excited ride and yes one can also admit that Subaru Forester has improved off road identifications and features but Toyota RAV4 is the best choice for SUV lovers. Overall based on these features along with fuel economy, Toyota RAV4 stands at second position among most economical SUVs.

1  Lexus NX 2016

1st Position Good Milleage car Lexus NX 2016 images
1st Position Good Milleage car Lexus NX 2016 Inner view

Our first Sport Utility Vehicle of this most fuel efficient SUVs list, luxury Lexus NX has been launched as new model in this year after modicum changes in its first model. Lexus NX announces its two models and both have their own specifications like Lexus NX has hybrid engine whereas Lexus NX 200T has 4 cylinder turbocharged engine. A close resemblance with Toyota model RAV4 makes some confusion in the minds of users about its technology but features and functions proves that it has its market.

Lexus NX models in 2016 are gorgeous looking, cool driving and unexpectedly capacious luxury Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs), specifically bearing in mind the solid external magnitudes.
 Although there are some issues in it like isolated touch infotainment controller but one can’t overlook its positive things like plenty of space at back seating, excellent inner foundations and high technology functions. These superior features along with its fuel consumption make possible for it to be listed first in the list of most economical SUVs.