Audi TTS Nominated in for Final Round of Performance Car

Selection as a world performance car and getting world performance car award is the great sense of pride for every car and car manufacturing company. That’s why car manufacturers try to build a car with better features and additional performance. The panel of judges select number of good features and better performance cars and give them the title of finalists and then select the CAMP from them. Here is the list of finalists of this competition. Let’s see who’ll be selected for world performance car award 2015 according to all aspects including economical fuel usage.

Audi S1:

Nominee for the World Performance Car Award

The new sports car model Audi S1 is newborn of the German producer S company, but it is categories as supermini car. This association with features is competing Porsche Boxster and other economical hatchbacks give it a tremendous increase in price from £14,000 to £24,000 and then at £30,000. It is the evidence of its acceptance among masses, according to economical fuel usage. It is being considered as the most important finalist car among the other. Let’s see what the judgment of the board is.

Audi S3:

Audi S3 One of the Finalist of World Performance Car Award

Very small car of Audi in The USA is about to become from a hero from zero. The group has determined plans to manufacture an automobile family out of the very small A3, in anticipation of currently sold exactingly as a luxurious hatchback tempting only to knowledgeable and cashed-up connoisseurs of miniaturization. The Audi S3 is pleasant, flush with the 6-speed S automatic clutch that is only present by Audi S3 in The USA particularly with the 6-speed manual and economical fuel usage. Audi declares the stick is not anticipated for us but prepared it accessible to USA newspapers to endeavor, apparently to ask for our remarks.

Corvette Z06:

World Performance Car Award
Corvette Z06 2015 Important Finalist of Competition of Performance Award 2015

The Corvette Z06 2015 is the only car of car manufacturing industry having 650 hp. It has two type transmissions for ease of customers a seven-speed manual and an eight shift automatic transmission. Corvette Z06 also offered a blend of both types of transmissions with economical fuel usage. The driver friendly Corvette Z06 promote the understanding even additional with new features like a choice for the driver to select one of both, according to need and desire. That will permit for customization of car speed and performance features with the twist of a button. And Corvette Z06 proprietors also be capable of reviving their drives on or off the pathway with the obtainable industry fashionable presentation Data Recorder. This data recorder accounts high quality video that possible can be check and rewind, according to need.

Audi TT / TTS:

Audi TTS Nominated in for Final Round of Performance Car

With flashy styling and sprightly recital, the TT and TTS call to both the realistic and the zealous type customers. The TT has a 220 horsepower turbo 4 engines hence the TTS makes 292 horsepower but still are economical fuel usage.  Complete four wheel driving and a 6 speed double clutch regular are customary on TT and TTS models, but a manual instruction feature, unluckily, is not presented. The TT is accessible as both sedan and soft-top hence the TTS model is available only as a sedan. Both models will be available for customer to buy in summer 2015.

Bentley Continental GT Speed:

Bentley Continental GT Speed Looking Ready for Competition of Performance Car Award

Descriptions are almost clear from its name.  And from your quick look of the greatest, most prevailing two-door vehicle that Bentley manufactures especially economical fuel usage, you be acquainted with it’s the just right depiction.

World Performance Car Award: Other Candidates

Flowing Cars are also in competition for world performance car award 2015:


  1. BMWM4 Coupe/M3 Sedan
  2. Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
  3. Jaguar F-TYPE R Coupe
  4. Lexus RC-F
  5. Mercedes-Benz AMG GT
  6. Dodge Charger Hellcat
  7. Renault Megane RS 275 Trophy