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It’s difficult to consider that the Nissan Leaf is by now inflowing its 5th model best fuel economy hatchback this year. In 2015 its reproductions that are getting dealerships, there is no major enhance in variety or presentation, but there are a number of inconsequential characteristic developments that may be reason to be a new year model of a car like Nissan Leaf 2015,  presented in SV, SL, SV models. As previous to, major dissimilarities among the all model are mostly matters of customary manifestation, calm, and expediency features.

Front View in Red Color Nissan Leaf 2015
Side View


Fuel Economy Horsepower 5-Year Cost Consumer Rating MSRP
1st with 114 MPG Combined 6th with 107 horsepower 1st with 30,094$ approx 4th, getting 8.7 out of 10 5th with 29,860$ approx
126 city / 101 highway

Nissan Leaf SV
Nissan Leaf SV 2015 models have regular 17” aluminum alloy rims, while both SV and SL models add a self-styled Hands Free Text Messaging feature and voice intention entrance considered to be the best fuel economy hatchback car
The 2015 best fuel economy hatchback model is presented in SV, SL, SV models. As previous to, major dissimilarities among the all model are mostly matters of customary manifestation, calm, and expediency features. The start price of these models start around $30,000 earlier than any credits or inducements and comprise smaller steel alloy wheels, appropriate headlamps, fabric upholstery, and a 4 speaker echo system with 4.3” display, as well as a standard USB port, Sirius XM satellite broadcasting, and a back view screen.
The model of Nissan Leaf SV inserts valuable tools. SV model price starts around $32,900; you acquire a amalgam warmer, fresh alloy wheels, improved cast-off cloth, a direction-finding system and tone intention entry, and a 6 amplifier sound system having compatibility with Pandora and a 7”screen. You in addition obtain the Carvings telemetric system that facilitates numerous isolated functions and condition displays. Economical Oil consumption is one of the main reason i’ll go for this hatchback.

Features of Fuel Economy Hatchback


Interior Beauty and Seating
Interior View with White Seating
Sufficient Storage Space

The leading model of Nissan Leaf that is SL model is also best fuel economy hatchback , you will get by paying $35,970 customary rapid charge potential LED stumpy shaft of light headlamps, as well as fog lamps, a astrophysical panel spoiler, fleece front and back seats, and a shipment cover.
In model of 2015, there is as well an innovative external color.  Morning (light) Sky Blue, that is exactly a pleasant substitute to the admired Blue Ocean blind that’s been presented in existing and previous year model also considered to be the best Fuel economy hatchback in the world.
Opportunities stay straightforward, with 3 alternative options. On the S model you’ll be able to add a six KW adopter and speedy charging port. While in SV you be capable of adding features like LED front lamps and the fast charging port and fog lamps to insure safety in fog and rain. There are first-class features to add like an around view monitor (AVM) to increase the visibility with a 7 amplifier Bose Eco sound system.

Dash Look with Full Features
Fuel Economy Hatchback Nissan-Leaf-2015-most-fuel-efficient
White Dash Looking Nice and Eye Catching

The certified driving assortment has been leftovers 84 miles for the Nissan 2015 Leaf. Standard Leaf S models also comprise a 3.3 KW output committed charger, while Nissan Leaf SV and Leaf SL models jumped up to produce 6 KW output energy that will creates a gigantic diversity in 220 Volt times that includes wall as well as charging station time and enable them to get speed in between 8 to 5 hours. In both of the cases, quick charging is able to transport the Leaf to an eighty-percent charged in around thirty minutes.
Another feature of 2015 Nissan that may be tested and rectified soon and will be available in the different models is a ‘B-Mode’ of 2015 Leaf that holds more forceful re-generative foot-brake to slowdown. It will permit the relatively easy drive of 1-pedal’ in some circumstances. So above we have mentioned the main advantages of this hatchback, best of luck for getting the top fuel economical car of your dreams.