Comfortable and Cheapest car Geely MR

Revolution came in transportation when the wheel was invented, but car manufacturing companies revolutionize the car industry by providing top 5 cheapest economical cars to the households on very special rates. They aim to get attention and amount of every car seeker by offering him/her distinguish car features on lowest price. Following top 5 cheapest and economical cars are the best example of it. Let’s check prices and features of these low fuel consumption and affordable cars.

Features of Top 5 Cheapest Economical Cars

Tata Nano:

The Cheapest Car in the World

Interior Design and Look

Inner View of the World’s Cheapest Car Tata Nano

Small good looking car and the choice of middle class of India obviously Tata Nano is famous with the name of “one lakh car” in its country.  Very famous Tata Motors manufactured this car in 2008 with the price of one lac Indian rupee (1600 USD). Initially to facilitate the ever emerging class of India and because of its low price it is rated first as cheapest and economical car. Nano was warmly welcomed by the consumer even in upper middle class as low fuel consumption car. It has a total length of 3,099 mm and 1,495 mm width. Its height 1,652 mm looks little bigger but suits its design and features. Tata Nano even goes in those routes and streets where the just bike or other small transport can go. It stands on first position in top 10 cheapest cars in the world.
Chery QQ:

One of the Cheapest cars Chery QQ

Inner Design and Look

Lovely Inner View of Chery QQ

One of the cheapest and affordable cars, Chery QQ, is a version of supermini/subcompact car Chery QQ6 manufactured in China. This low fuel consumption car has also won the best brand of China award in 2010. Its production was started in 2003 to onward. Originally it is a semi-automatic hatchback with five doors and five-speed gears. Lengths and width of Chery QQ are 3550mm and 1485mm respectively. Hence, its height is lower than Tata Nano and stands at 1495mm. Some wretchedness about trademark is associated with it nowadays due to resemblance with Matiz car produced by Daewoo.
Maruti Suzuki 800:

Front View of Maruti Suzuki 800

Gorgeous Interior

Maruti Interior Design

Although it has no future according to experts due to new deadlines and criteria of emissions but Maruti Suzuki 800 stands at number three in the list of top 10 affordable budget cars in the world. 796 cc Maruti Suzuki 800 is 3335 mm long and have 1440 mm width. This five-door hatchback is available in four and five-speed manual gear transmission. From its first flight in 1980, it’s become the choice of around three million people as it is low fuel consumption car. As stated earlier that due to some problems its new models may not be available to consumers.
Geely MR:

Comfortable and Cheapest car Geely MR

Beautiful Seating

Comfy Inner of Geely MR

Available at the price of 5500 USD, Chinese 5 and 4 door car Geely MR is commonly known as Merrie. It is subcompact/supermini having the engine of four cylinders and 2340 measurement of wheelbase.  Company declares its length about 3825 mm and width around 1670 mm. While this car has 1386 mm height almost 100 mm less than Chery QQ and 250 mm less than Tata Nano. With the price of 5500 US dollars, it stands at 4th position among top 10 cheapest cars in the world. Its product/brand line extension is Geely HQ SRC that was liftback sedan car launched in 1980 with 4 cylinders and sixteen straight engines. The price of this low fuel consumption car is 5780 US dollar that is 230 US dollar more than Geely MR. Automobile analysts include it in top 10 cheapest and economical cars in the world at 5th position, but we treat it as a brand line extension.
Chery A1:

Chery A1, One of the cheapest and fuel efficient cars

Interior Design and Style

Beauty and Comfy combines in Chery A1

Chery A1 is the product of Chery car Manufacturing Company with other lavish and relaxed models as a brand line extension. 1297 cc engine gives it an advantage over its counterpart cheapest and economical cars, but it is still one of the cheapest cars in the world. 2390 mm wheelbase with 1578 mm width that is less than 100 mm different from Geely MR. Its length is 3700 mm that is 125 mm less than Geely MR and 365 mm more than Maruti Suzuki 800. It market price is 7341 US dollar, which is quite awesome fit for tight budget.

Above mentioned 5 cars are the world’s most cheapest, economical and affordable for everyone vehicles whether you are small family or need them for domestic use.