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Economical luxury cars are affordable but normally the question of fuel efficiency and its economic use looks unnecessary when it comes to luxury cars because people think that a luxury car would not be an economical car so that why they avoid purchasing luxury cars. But now the situation is changed. Luxury car manufacturing companies realize this dilemma and provide the solution for it by producing luxury cars with best fuel efficiency. Following list is evident that a car could be a luxury as well as one of the best economical car.
Acura ILX:

Acura-ILX-front-view copy
Acura-ILX full front view

The first example of luxury and fuel efficient car is Acura ILX with three engines. It is compact sedan car that gives 35 miles per gallon on the highway. With 150 horsepower engine, Acura has extension in brand line named ILX Hybrid, which is supposed to give 41 miles per gallon average fuel economy. Market prices of Acura ILX and ILX Hybrid fluctuate between 270,100 and 295, 00 US dollar respectively. Customer also enjoys it’s beautiful and impressive interior with standardized and certified parts. The company also cares about Acura brand line customers by giving them after sale services to increase customers’ loyalty.

Interior Design and Look

Acura-ILX-Interior-Look copy
Beautiful Look of Acura-ILX Interior

Audi A3 TDI:

Audi-A3-TDI-complete-view copy
Audi-A3 TDI with additional storage space

Audi A3 TDI’s name is well-known among luxury car lovers due to its customized apparatus and features that give sense of comfy and luxuriousness that is the first priority of luxury car lovers. With 140 horses power four cylinder diesel engines it gives more than 29 miles per gallon fuel economy inside the city. While more than 41 miles per gallon on long drive highway that’s why it is nominated as one of the best economical luxury cars. Its look tremendous but fuel efficient Audi A3 TDI has all these features with seventeen-inch alloy wheels at a market price of 31,000 US dollars.

Interior Design and Look

Audi-A3-TDI-interior-look copy
Audi-A3-TDI’s interior comfy and relax

BMW 128i:

BMW-128i-front-view copy
BMW-128i, One of the Best Economical model of BMW

It would be surprising and difficult to believe to see BMW in the list of best economical luxury cars. But it is proved by the 128i model of BMW that even a luxury and status symbol car could be fuel efficient. Automatic or manual transmission is on the choice of the buyer to choose in this model. The fuel efficient BMW 128i is manufactured to provide more than 20.1 mpg and 29.95 on a long highway drive. It also has a  feature of chasing speed of sixty miles per hour in only 6 seconds time. The price of BMW 128i fluctuates around but normally below 32000 US dollars.

Interior Design and Look

BMW-128i-interior-design copy
Interior Look of BMW-128i

Lexus CT200h:

Lexus-CT200h-gorgeous-look copy
Full View of Lexus CT200h

It may be new information for many car buyers that fuel efficient Lexus has its brand extension that gives an astonishing fuel efficiency of 41 miles per hours, and that is CT200h model. This feature gets it on the list of best economical luxury cars. Inspiring features of CT200h include 17-inch alloy wheels that are same with Audi A3 TDI and climate control system with all other necessary systems that a luxury car can offer. Lexus CT200h is a hybrid car that is the combination of 26 horsepower electric and 98 horsepower petrol engine. Both engines jointly give this amazing fuel economy. Lexus CT200h even change the perception of customers looking for a combination of economical and luxury car.

Interior Design and Look

Lexus-CT200h-comfy-interior copy
Full Interior Look of Lexus CT200h

Features of Top 2 Economical Luxury Cars

Mercedes-Benz C250:

Mercedes-Benz-C250-full-view copy
Side View of Mercedes Benz C250

After hearing the name of Mercedes, a common man imagines about facilities and luxuriousness that Mercedes offers. Likewise he/she thinks about unique and distinguishes features like gorgeous and comfy interior and beautiful exterior design. But no one can think that a Mercedes could be economical fuel consumption car. But Mercedes-Benz C250 proved that Mercedes car could do it and included in the list of best economical luxury cars. This model gives 20+ miles per gallon average within the city and around 30 miles per gallon fuel average on the high way drive.
Our list of these five best economical luxury cars proves that a car could be a luxury as well as fuel efficient car.

Interior Design and Look

Mercedes-Benz-C250-interior-design copy
Gorgeous Interior of Mercedes Benz C250

As we stated earlier that this list will provide a clear picture of features and functions of under discussion fuel efficient cars. Now, by looking at features of these top 5 best economical luxury cars, one can decide to buy the desired one easily.